ACCY801 Business Report business theory and practice 代写

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ACCY801 Business Report business theory and practice 代写

ACCY801 Business Report
Assessment 1  Report – Authentic task
Graduate qualities assessed  Understanding business theory and practice
Intelligent use of information
Creative problem solving
Responsible and ethical behaviour
Learning and professional development
Topic  Business Report
Length  2,800 words (excluding references and appendices)
Weighting   25%
Due date  3 April  2017 (week 9) 
Marking criteria  A marking guide is available for viewing on the Moodle site for this subject
Style and format  1. Reports must be typed, double spaced, and printed on one side of
the paper only
2. Pages are to be consecutively numbered
3. You must be able to provide a duplicate of your submission if
requested. Always backup your work
4. You must attach a completed and signed assignment coversheet. A
downloadable copy is available on the Moodle site for this subject
5. Your assignment must be submitted by the due time and date in
order not to incur a penalty. Please refer to the student handbook
for further details
6. Referencing style must follow the Harvard style, available on the
UOW library website
7. Whenever the Annual Report is cited, you must provide a page
reference to the Annual Report so that your work can be easily
8. Do not plagiarise your work. Plagiarism is the unacknowledged
work of another person. Plagiarism can result in zero marks or
possible expulsion from the university. 
9. Assignments may be penalised for failing to meet any of these
Assessment submission  1. Students should submit a soft copy of the report in a word file
(excluding assignment coversheet and appendices) into the Turnitin
system through the link in the subject’s Moodle site.
2. Students should also submit a full report including the signed
Assignment cover sheet, appendices with relevant detailed
information/calculations, and originality report to Moodle site through
the Full Assignment Link.  The Turnitin originality report that you
submit with the full copy of the report should be consistent with your
final submission to Turnitin.
3. Any assignment submitted after the 5:00PM on 3 April 2017 deadline
will attract a penalty.
Submitted assignments will be receipted by SOLS mail no later than 48
hours after the due date. If you do not receive acknowledgement of your
submission of the assessment item in this time, contact the Subject
Coordinator immediately.
Assessment return  Assignments will be returned by during the week 11 (Study Recess) of the
Detailed information  Download a copy of the 2016 Annual Report of Ridley Ltd from the Moodle
site. Using the Annual Report, prepare a report that addresses the
1.  Provide a brief summary of the company. Include details such as
industry sector, primary activities, recent performance (300 words
2.  Prepare a table that outlines details of the Board of Directors.
Include items such as name, gender, age, education, career history,
remuneration, and any other details you think are important or
interesting. Provide a brief summary of the characteristics of the
Board (1,000 words maximum).
3.  Ridely  follows the corporate governance recommendations of the
Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) Corporate Governance Council
(CGC) and has several policies in place to support its corporate
conduct. The external audit function is discussed throughout these
a. Outline the key recommendations of the ASX CGC in table
b. Who is RIDLEY’s auditor?
c. What amount of remuneration did the auditors receive from
RIDLEY during the year? 
d. Briefly discuss the role of the external audit function and how
this may/may not be achieved (400 words maximum).
4.  Provide a financial statement analysis of Ridley for 2016 in table
format. Include the following ratios (show all workings): 
a. current ratio, 
b. Quick ratio
c. inventory turnover, 
d. Accounts receivable turnover
e.  asset turnover, 
f.   debt to equity, 
g.  gross profit margin, 
h. profit margin, 
i.   return on assets, 
j.  return on equity. 
ACCY801 Business Report business theory and practice 代写
Based on your results, make a brief comment on the liquidity,
efficiency, solvency, and profitability of Ridley for 2016 (600 words
5.  Four of Ridley’s investors hold over 60% of the issued capital of the
company. Who are these four investors? What is the significance of
their ownership stake in Ridley? (300 words maximum).
6.  Provide a brief comment on the overall financial health of the Ridley
Ltd. (200 words maximum)
ACCY801 Business Report business theory and practice 代写