ACCT 1014_2119_Individual Report 代写

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ACCT 1014_2119_Individual Report 代写

Individual Report Overview
•Major Project Report – The Case Site
Make sure you select a company that is large enough that you can get data on to write a report that addresses the following.  Use a publicly listed company or one that you are familiar with.
 Introduction: Overview of case and strategy
Introducing your company. Provide a description of your organisation, its background and strategy - the industry it operates in, the products or services it supplies, its competitors and any other information strategy-related information you think is relevant.
Organisational Structure
•Provide a diagram representing this organisational structure
–Explain the type of organisational structure your organisation uses;
–Explain the degree of decentralisation of your organisation;
–Explain the type of responsibility centres within your business’s organisational structure
•Major Project Report – Literature Review

ACCT 1014_2119_Individual Report 代写
Literature Review
Select one of the following research themes and discuss in terms of management accounting in your organisation:
1.Social Responsibility;
2.Environmental Responsibility; or
3.Risk Management – strategic; regulatory; financial; operational (can focus on a specific risk, rather than cover all)
Begin as general discussion/examination on the topic using academic literature
Discuss what this theme means for the industry in which your organisation operates
Conclude by discussing how this theme impacts your organisation, in particular.

You must include references (at least 4 academic research papers/books – source library e-journals); and 4 other references from industry/other expertise (do not cite Wikipedia).  You can also use case details.
Use ‘Harvard Style’ references – place at end of report
•Major Project Report – The Case Site
Performance Measurement System and Rewards
Describe and discuss the performance of senior management and other employees in your organisation.
–Provide an overview of the measures employed and how they are evaluated and rewarded (you should be able to evaluate based on data disclosed to shareholders/stakeholders)
Critically analyse the appropriateness of these performance measures in light of the literature review theme you have selected 
–Is the performance measurement system consistent with the strategies, key success factors and organisational structure? 
–Are they consistent with the theme you selected in the literature review?
Recommendations and conclusion
A short summary paragraph on recommendations to conclude the report

•Word Count
•Approximately 2,000 words or around 4-5 pages (not including table of contents and reference list)
•Concise paragraphs - 11 font; single line space; use diagrams and charts where possible;
Guide only:
•Intro and Structure (1 ½ - 2) pages
–(diagram, not included in word count and can be on a separate page)
•Literature Review (1 page)
•Performance Measurement/Rewards (1 – 1 ½ pages)
•Recommendations and Conclusion (½ page)
ACCT 1014_2119_Individual Report 代写