BUSM3229 代写 Contemporary Issues report for an industry

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BUSM3229 代写 Contemporary Issues report for an industry 

Semester 2, 2017
Contemporary Issues in
International Management
Assessment Task 3
Parts (a) and (b)
Semester 2, 2017
Assessment Task 3 - BUSM3229  1
Assessment Task 3 – (a) CLN team presentation
and (b) written report
In this assignment you are required to conduct research and deliver a verbal
presentation and a written report for an industry panel.
Project Context: In certain countries, people are getting older and sicker
with chronic diseases, which places a cost burden on future generations.
Current systems are hopelessly inefficient, yet interestingly public hospitals
are under considerable stress. With technology there is an emerging capability
to meet patients’ needs in the home, which can potentially slash healthcare
costs and improve the service to patients. A multinational logistics company
(Toll Holdings, the client) is interested in leapfrogging this effect of
technology in bolstering its presence in the healthcare sector in Asia.
Project Question: What are the opportunities in Asia for a multinational
logistics company (Toll Holdings) in the healthcare space given the current
technological and societal/demographic trends?
You can select one country in Asia for comprehensive analysis on the trends.
Specific questions to be addressed in the presentation and report include
(along the sections of suggested report structure):
•  Introduction (set context, define background and definitions)
•  Provide some background justifying the country of your choice
for this project
•  Problem context
•  What are the current trends in the healthcare and technology
•  Given the current trends in healthcare, what are the drivers of
change going forward?
•  What will drive or inhibit the use of technology in healthcare
•  Discussion
•  Challenges and opportunities: Given the trends identified above,
what would be the challenges and opportunities for the logistics
company in strengthening its presence in the healthcare
•  Facilitators and barriers: What lessons have been learnt to date
in terms of facilitators and barriers for logistics innovation in the
healthcare industry (case study would be helpful)
•  Recommendations and conclusions: Make recommendations on -
•  Characteristics of a successful logistics innovation in healthcare,
•  Support required (skills, knowledge, training, education,
resources, capabilities, etc.)
Semester 2, 2017
2  Contemporary Issues in International Management  BUSM3229
Part (a) - CLN team presentation to industry panel
on a topic relevant to the course subject matter
(15%; presentation during Week 12 class on
Thursday 12 October 2017; submit presentation file
to Turnitin by 23:59 hrs AEDT on Wednesday 11
October 2017)
  A number of projects in areas relevant to the course subject matter and
attached to a number of industry representatives will be defined
  Students will be divided into a number of Collaborative Learning Network (CLN)
teams to work on a project in line with its Terms of Reference
  Each CLN team is to prepare and deliver a PowerPoint presentation on the
outcomes of the project
  A copy of the presentation must be submitted via Turnitin for assessment
–  viewing of the Originality Report is permitted
–  re-submission is not permitted
Measure  Mark
Interaction (total = 4%) 
Engaging presentation technique throughout  2%
Interaction with the audience  1%
Response to questions  1%
Support materials and technology (total = 3%) 
Quality of slides  1%
Appropriate use of images/video/websites  1%
Presentation flow and organisation of changeovers  1%
Content and impact (total - 8%) 
Engaging introduction, set context and focus, compelling “WHY”  1%
Clarity and plausibility of presentation  1%
Quality of analysis  2%
Strength and value of recommendations  2%
Strength of conclusions  1%
Overall impact on client  1%
Total Maximum Possible Mark  15%
Semester 2, 2017
Assessment Task 3 - BUSM3229  3
Part (b) - Accompanying 1,500-word CLN team
written report incorporating industry-panel
feedback (35%; Submit to Turnitin by 23:59 hrs
AEDT on Friday 20 October 2017)
  CLN teams will be provided with feedback on their presentations by the
industry panel and by the Offering Coordinator
  CLN teams will then prepare a written 1,500-word report incorporating that
  A copy of the report must be submitted via Turnitin for assessment
–  viewing of the Originality Report is permitted
–  re-submission is not permitted
Feedback Rubric
The written report will be assessed according to the criteria, rating scale and
descriptors in the rubric on the following page, with the final mark scaled such
that the total maximum possible score is 35% of the overall course assessment
Semester 2, 2017
4  Contemporary Issues in International Management  BUSM3229
(For each Part of each Question)
(NN, 0–49%)
(PA, 50–59%)
(CR, 60–69%)
(DI, 70–79%)
High Distinction
(HD, 80–100%)
- weighting = 45%
Nil or minimal attainment of
Meets basic requirements for
content, little original content,
and/or only basic input
Meets requirements for content
and exhibits some original
Meets requirements for
content and exhibits
significant original content
Exceeds requirements and
exhibits evidence of an
original approach to the
entire question
- weighting = 25%
Nil or disorganised structure Structure is just sufficient to
present the content, and/or
ideas often presented in
disorganised manner
Content is generally organised
logically with some aspects
needing more attention
Structure is sound throughout
and supports logical
Outstanding presentation of
material which supports all
Use of Evidence and Referencing
- weighting = 15%
Little or no use of evidence to
support content
requirements, and/or copied
material with no citations
Some examples are used but

BUSM3229 代写 Contemporary Issues report for an industry 
only of a basic nature, and/or
gives citation for some sources
and inconsistent in citation
Most points are supported by
third party evidence, and/or
most sources are cited and all
are in the correct format
Excellent integration of
evidence into material and
primary sources used to
support most points, and all
sources are cited in the
correct format
Outstanding integration of a
wide range of evidence and
all points are substantiated
by primary resources, with
evidence of a wide range of
research, and with all
sources cited in correct
- weighting = 15%
Layout is confusing. Logic,
flow and use of language is
difficult, and/or many errors
in spelling and/or grammar
Layout is adequate with
acceptable logic flow and use
of language, and/or some
misspellings and/or

BUSM3229 代写 Contemporary Issues report for an industry 
grammatical errors
Overall presentation is easy to
digest, and language succinct
and well chosen
Good presentation, with
content and language easy to
read and comprehend
Overall style and use of
language encourages ease of
comprehension and
insightful conclusions
Feedback Rubric - Assessment Task 3, Part (b) - BUSM3229 (CIIM PGRD) - Semester 1, 2016
Written Report Incorporating Industry Panel Feedback (TOTAL: 25% and 1,500 words)
Rating Scale and Descriptors
35% and 1,500 words)
2, 2017
BUSM3229 代写 Contemporary Issues report for an industry