Report格式怎么写 Report写作格式

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1. Structure aspects: general Report by the Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Introduction, Body, and Conclusion/Recommendation, Reference six parts.

2. Language: Report, if the topic is if you are a company CEO or some other role, can use the first person; If there is no such masters of the hypothesis, still can't use 1, 2 person. Please note that this Essay and difference.

3. Content:

1) Report practice a little more heavy and write less theory, combined with the actual situation analysis. For some Case Aanalysis of Report, it must be for instructors to provide Case to do analysis, not free play and abuse unconnected theory. All the analysis must be according to the contents of the Case to.

2) data and charts use is very important. If use a company a few years a data changes, can first column data form, then use histogram, pie chart or diagram to reflect directly.

4. Pay special attention to the problem:

1) the Table of Contents, must use Word automatic generation format.

2) Executive Summary, general will appear "The main purpose of this report is to......" Such symbolic statement. Generally speaking, this part mainly introduces this article Report in the research contents, the research object, research purpose, research significance and so on some general things.

3) Introduction, in a Report, the Introduction part quite and a Background, not summarize the content of the Report. Please pay attention to the difference between and Essay. Report of the Introduction not summarized the content; Don't introduce the structure (because the directory structure have been introduced); Just introduce Background.

4) Body, total principle "write less theory, combined with the actual situation analysis", don't just talk. According to the specific requirements analysis, with evidence to support, speak with evidence. List the title, secondary title, it is necessary to list next level title. Each paragraph with concise language refining the point keywords, and then interpret and described.

5) Conclusion/Recommendation, according to the specific requirements to grasp the paper.

6) Reference: Reference is most important to tutor, so please pay special attention to. Absolutely cannot be made up, must be true. Foreign to this problem very strict check. Once found a false or copy, will directly is hanged division, and even expelled. Generally speaking, the Reference contains two parts, one is in - text Reference in the article is the Reference, one is at the end of the paper, in Reference is also the Reference list. A paper need to contain the in - textreference and at the end of the reference list. The paper has clear requirements for Reference, according to the requirements to grasp; No specified number, general per thousand words 3-4 to operate.

Reference format dimension method, general thesis requirements are clearly mentioned. Common Reference format:

Harvard referencing system Harvard literature mark system

CMS: Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) Chicago writing and literature tagging system:

APA Style: American Psychological Association, American Psychological Association writing and literature to mark

AMA: American Medical Association of the American Medical Association documents tagging system

MLA: modern language association writing and literature tagging system

CSE: the Council of Science Editors (CSE) technology editor Council literature mark and writing method

7) font format: papers have clear requirements font format, size, etc, according to the requirements to operate; The paper doesn't clear requirements font size, etc, the general use times new Roman fonts; 12 (four); 1.5 times space; Word default page margins; The title font can be bold; Each paragraph a line space between; Each period of write directly, without space; In the right lower corner of every page in the insert.