Assessment Case Study Analysis Report

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Assessment – Case Study Analysis Report
1.0 Assessment overview
This is an individual task in which you will be analysing a case study and answering the questions at
the end of the case study. The case study is stated below for your reference. Answer the case study
questions by applying the theories you have learnt in class. In order to gain more marks the student
must ensure to analyse the set of circumstances in the case study in relation to theory on the topic
and possibly make some suggestions to solve a problem based on the question asked. Do not just give
the answer or state the theory. The answer and theory need to be combined and explained
Case studies require you to demonstrate the skills of observation, analysis, problem solving, together
with applying theories you have learnt and read about. The first stage of analysing case study is to
observe what is taking place. Then you need to be clear about what kind of task you have been asked
to do. Are you being asked to: observe a case and explain what happened? analyse the case by
reference to theories on the topic? identify major problems and offer solutions? all of these?
Gather the information and data required to analyse the case study and answer the questions using
various online databases available through the MIT library such as journal articles, periodicals and
business reports.
Use APA reference style to present the references. The cases study analysis report should consists of
minimum 8 academic resources including peer reviewed journal articles. The assessment should have
a reference list at the end of the report. Enter your references into your own citation library using a
citation tool such as Refworks which is available at MIT library. Your in-text references and the
reference list can be automatically generated in ‘APA’ format using this tool.

2.0 Assessment tasks and requirements
Case Study (Refer to the journal article available on Moodle):
Jalil, M.S. (2016). E-Service Innovation: A Case Study of Procedia - Social and Behavioral
Sciences, 224 (2016), 531 – 539.
Case Study Discussion Questions:
1. Discuss the various e-service innovation tools been implemented by Shohoj Limited to introduce
e-ticketing and home delivery. (500 words)
2. Explain the tactical services marketing mix and the strategic marketing process used by Shohoj
Limited to deliver the e-service innovation. (500 words)
3. How does e-service innovation differ from traditional service marketing. (500 words)
Due Date: Week 6 (23
rd December)
Weight: 10%
Format: The report should use Calibri Body (Font size 11) as the normal text and have margins of
2.5cm all around. Please use reasonable font sizes for headings.
Word limit: 1500 words (500 words for each case study discussion question)
Submission: Ensure that the assessment is submitted with the completed assignment cover sheet as
appropriate. An electronic copy of the assessment must be submitted via the Assessment Dropbox on
MIT Moodle.