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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的Report代写范文- The application of art design in documentary shooting,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了美术设计在纪录片拍摄中的应用。影视美术作为影视类作品造型设计和制作的新式创作,以美术的形式来体现。因此美术设计的构思好坏,会对纪录片或者影视作品有着直接的影响。在纪录片拍摄前,美术设计需要在导演的总体构思下展开设计工作,要很好地反映时代特色、地域特征以及一定要和纪录片表达的景、物、人的特征相一致,达到非常好的艺术效果,情景、意境的完美结合。

With the development of science and technology, art design plays an increasingly prominent role in documentaries. In documentary photography art design mainly reflects in can aptly will fully expression and interpretation of the statements on the basis of gradually perfect, struck a chord with the audience, will perfectly to depict the characters, image, or to the character's thoughts, in the process of shooting from the side highlight the characteristics of environment and human geography. For example, in the documentary photography, design some simple tan, unique composition design, lighting design, etc., this is all very important elements in graphic design, used in slow motion, it is able to calm people's vision and mind, in this instance foil atmosphere, psychological will have great influence on the audience.


  The so-called documentary refers to the creation of real life as the material, the performance of real people and events, on this basis to carry out art design, so as to arouse the public's deep thinking. Documentary is real, the most original film is started from the creation of documentary. The meaning of the documentary is to make a movie with a poetic realism, the classification of the documentary, no fixed division standard, often depending on the subject is divided into the following several aspects: political documentaries, current events, history, documentary, biography documentary, life, human geography documentaries, stage, project documentary series.


  As a new creation of film and television works, film and television art is embodied in the form of art. Therefore, the quality of artistic design will have a direct impact on documentary or film works. Therefore, before the shooting of the documentary, the art design should be carried out under the overall idea of the director, and at the same time, it should also discuss with the cooperative photographers and actors to jointly complete the presentation effect of the work. Art design must well reflect the characteristics of The Times, regional characteristics and must be consistent with the features of scenery, objects and people expressed in the documentary, to achieve very good artistic effect, the perfect combination of scene and artistic conception.


  Italian famous director Vittorio DeSica in his work "the man who stole the bicycle", the performance is relatively perfect, because of the good control of its structure, very exquisite, in this film can be the weather of nature to show and combine perfectly. After watching, people can feel the atmosphere around them, because even the setting of the atmosphere in this film is very exquisite, not to mention the embodiment of humanistic characters. This film not only has a great visual impact and impact on the director and photographer, but also the audience will have such a feeling. Because in terms of visual structure, scene composition, and character design, these are inseparable from art design. In terms of the scene, the scene design presented in the film actually comes from the inspiration of the stage setting. Different forms of stage plays have different themes, and the required scenery is definitely different. Films all require different sets. Scenes similar to those in stage plays are added in the documentary, which can reflect the characters in the film more authentically. Therefore, the presentation of such perfect works must be the great creation after fully understanding the script. In this way, the authenticity of the film besides the characters is increased. This is the artistic creation after the understanding of the script, which is the artistic design in the film. This is exactly what documentaries need -- authenticity.

  In this way, the emergence of art design has brought greater creative space to the film. The same is true for the setting of the characters in the film. Under the conditions of realism and respect for specific history, the design of the characters can be based on their personalities. Therefore, the choice of colors is very important, because colors can inspire the resonance of the audience. Therefore, we should pay attention to how to choose and match colors more reasonably and how to enrich the characters' characteristics.

  Documentary photography must pay attention to honesty, so in the environmental design must conform to the situation, historical conditions, because in the process of documentary photography, conservatively speaking to the change of scene and environment should be minimized, thus especially need to pay attention to in the process of design, preparation, select the appropriate scene, but don't contradict with reality design again, therefore, it should be a great test for designers, because once the filming, the scene is not allowed to change again. With the improvement of people's living standard, the taste and appreciation level are changing constantly, and higher requirements are put forward in appreciating documentaries. Therefore, the way of documentary shooting has also changed, because people pay more attention to the audio-visual effects, the content is no longer so attractive, but also pay attention to the embodiment of beauty and pictures. For example, in modern documentary shooting, the subjective and objective are well integrated. The characters or scenes in the film are all "non-realistic", but through artistic means, the feelings expressed are different.

  The reason why documentaries are called records is precisely because they reflect real events, which is also a means of recording derived from the development of science and technology. Historical evolution, but the most precious fragments and the most meaningful fragments still hope to be preserved and preserved. In the process of shooting documentaries, how to miss these important moments, rather than making the scene change or unable to better express the moment, or the link is inappropriate, all these are tests for the cameraman, so the cameraman needs to have certain art design skills, of course, this requirement is still very high. Only by mastering this technique, can the pictures presented be more authentic and beautiful.

  In addition, if the director and the photographer can have a good communication before shooting is also very important, both sides have the same goal, in order to better show the content of the documentary in shooting Angle, color style selection.

  It can be seen that the documentary is based on art. The art design of the picture is related to the visual aesthetics, and even affects the spiritual expression of the film. The proper application of the elements of art design, such as color and composition, not only makes people involuntarily resonate and feel happy when appreciating, but also reflects art quality. The use of these artistic techniques, so that the skills for the expression of the soul service, truly achieve the unity of subject and object, skill and soul integration, this is the reason why the film is concerned.