Discuss how Porter’s Five Force model might contribute to a

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论文题目:Discuss how Porter’s Five Force model might contribute to a SWOT      analysis. ? 论文语言:英语论文 English  论文专业:business and financial management 字数:不超2500 学校国家:英国 是否有数据处理要求:否 您的学校:university of hull  论文用于: 本科课程作业 补充要求和说明: havard15左右文献参考   YOU ARE REQUIRED TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION:您需要回答以下问题:   ‘A straightforward, popular and well-known technique, SWOT analysis implies that an organisation’s resources should match the demands and pressures from its external environment ....’   “一个简单的,流行的和众所周知的技术,SWOT分析意味着,一个组织的资源应符合的要求和其外部环境的压力......”     J Thompson & F Martin, ‘Strategic Management’, Thomson, 2005.Ĵ汤普森&F·马丁,“战略管理”,汤姆逊,2005年。    Discuss how Porter’s Five Force model might contribute to a SWOT analysis. ?波特五力模型讨论如何可能有助于一个SWOT分析。   NB: It will NOT be sufficient to simply describe SWOT and the Porter model.注意:它不能足以简单地描述SWOT分析和波特模型 Your assignment should include examples to illustrate emphasise points you are making.你的任务应该包括的例子来说明/你正在强调百分点   Your work should be fully, properly and consistently referenced.你的工作应该是全面,正确贯彻引用 See ebridge under ‘resources’ for University guidance on referencing skills.见ebridge大学指导下的'资源'引用技能   To be completed in approximately 2500 words. The material necessary for you to attempt this assignment will have been covered by the end of week 6 (ie. w/c 7.3.11).要完成约2500字。你尝试这项任务所需的材料将被覆盖年底第6周(即W/ C7.3.11)   NB. A module is not successfully completed UNLESS the assessment criteria have been met.NB。没有成功完成一个模块,除非评估标准已经被满足   Submission date(s) for coursework:  Thursday, March 31st, 2011 提交日期(S)课程:周四, 提交地点及时间:本科办公室(埃斯克018)。 上午11时 - 下午4:00。 课程评估标准: 这种分配主要测试学习成果1,3和4 可以附加任何图表等,并不会被列入字数 Submission location and times:  Undergraduate office (Esk 018).  11am - 4:00 pm. Assessment criteria for coursework:  This assignment mainly tests learning outcomes 1, 3 and 4 Any diagrams etc may be appended and will not be included in the word count NB.一个很好的答案,将展示广泛的阅读围绕主题/主题(包括一些从其他模块,在适当情况下)。 一个很好的答案将纳入相关的例子清楚地表明点(次)。 一个很好的答案,将展示与SWOT分析和五力模型相关的概念的理解。 A good answer will demonstrate a wide range of reading around the subjects/topics (including some from other modules where appropriate). A good answer will incorporate relevant examples which clearly demonstrate the point(s) being made. A good answer will demonstrate understanding of concepts associated with both SWOT and the Five Force model.