International Logistics & Management-REFERRED COURSEWORK

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Please note that the deadline for submission of REFERRED COURSEWORK ONLY is by 3.00PM on  25th AUGUST 2012 to the Faculty Support Office, Level 3, Cookworthy Building.  You may submit the work prior to this date.
Question 1 (set by Mark Bennett):
Armstrong et al (2009) claim that few producers sell their goods directly to the final
consumer.  Instead their marketing channel often makes use of intermediaries to bring
products to the market.  Produce a document in essay format which critically evaluates the
role of intermediaries in a marketing channel, and which also analyses the ways in which
they add value.
Mark criteria:
Quality of presentation and correctness of referencing
The detailed description of the case could be put in the appendix, which will not count the
word limit.  Put the word count in the end of the report.  All sources used must be clearly
referenced.  Do not use bibliography.  The Harvard reference style should be followed.
Understanding and use of theory
  Evidence of wider reading i.e. not relying on a textbook or single text source, but
engaging with specialist texts, journal articles and reports
  A demonstration of an understanding and awareness of a range of theoretical positions
or technical options
  The ability to place a particular text’s argument within a range of positions evident in the
literature and to recognise its strengths and limitations as an explanatory framework
  Direct quotes, paraphrasing or other evidence of active engagement with theory and/or
technique is apparent throughout the assignment.
Quality of analysis
  The assignment demonstrates an ability to understand different perspectives i.e. the
student can evaluate different options, engage critically with theory and practice and
can justify their analysis above other available solutions or viewpoints.
  The analysis results from the use of judgement and discernment in selecting theory and
applying it to the situation or problem.
  The selection of techniques and viewpoints are justified by the problem or issue
  Reflection and observation are integrated in the analysis in an appropriate way i.e. a
supported argument illustrated with observation rather than a statement of opinion.
   Structure and Argument
  An essay assignment will normally include an introduction, several sub-titled sections in
the main body, a conclusion and a bibliography.  Alternative formats may be specified
by the assignment brief and, if so, have been used.
  A coherent argument is evident, which clearly links the different elements of the
assignment together and leads the reader through to a justifiable conclusion.
  The argument is logically constructed with each section building on the insights of
preceding sections i.e. different perspectives are not simply thrown together without an
understanding of how they contribute to the overall argument presented.
  Theory is integrated into analytical and/or practical elements of the assignment where
  Meaning is not obscured by poor grammar, paragraph or sentence construction.
Weighted Max Mark:  40%  (of the total module mark)
Word length:    1750 words
Question 2 (set by Vasco Sanchez Rodrigues):
Discuss the benefits and barriers of logistics outsourcing.
Weighted Max Mark:  30%  (of the total module mark)
Word length:    1500 words (+/-10%)
Question 3 (set by Kathleen Goddard): 
‘Although the precise application of the Hague-Visby  Rules is unclear from the text, case
law has progressively clarified the various ambiguities.’
Discuss, giving reasons for your answer, whether you consider that this statement is an
accurate statement of the position.
Weighted Max Mark:  30%  (of the total module mark)
Word length:    2000 words