automotive system Assignment 代写需求

发布时间:2019-10-19 18:18

This assignment will involve analysing an automotive system from two production road cars of your choice.
You are to analyse and compare the front and rear suspension systems from two road cars of your choice and you are to propose design changes that will make the systems lighter and more efficient in operation. This process will include the following items:

1. A scaled three-dimensional drawing of both suspension systems. (15%)
2. Detail drawings (to scale) showing variation in roll centre with ride height.
3. Detail graphs showing the change in spring rate with suspension travel. (15%)
4. Explain the good and bad features of the suspension systems you have analysed in items 1 to 3 above (25%)

5. For the latest system determine the loads on the system and all fixings and using these loads estimate the safety factors used in the design of the car and its fixings.
This will include a detailed derivation of these loads. (25%)

You must provide a written report of no more than ten pages (excluding figures).



1. 请画出两种车型的悬挂系统三维图                           (15%)
2. 请画出能够表示出滚动中心(roll centre)相对于底盘高度(ride height)中变化的细部图。                                         (20%)
3. 请画出能够表明弹簧比率相对于悬挂系统运行中变化的曲线图。 (15%)
4. 请说明你在以上3题中所分析的悬挂系统的优劣性质。         (25%)
5. 表明你所新设计的悬挂系统上的负载力以及装备。并且根据这些负载力评估安全因素(运用在汽车和装备设计中)。                      (25%)