assignment:Ethical issues

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论文题目:Ethical issues 论文语言:英语论文 English 论文专业:会计 字数:1000 学校国家:澳大利亚 是否有数据处理要求:否 您的学校:卧龙岗大学 论文用于:Pre Undergraduate Assignment 本科预科作业 补充要求和说明:   ASSIGNMENT  QUESTION:  Refer  to  textbook  (p.185),  Ethical  Issues:  “The  impact  of  a  bonus  incentive scheme on the financial statements”     TASK:  Write a well structured essay of 1,000 words that responds to the assignment questions: 任务: 1 。谁是利益相关者在这种情况呢? 2 。为什么你认为福瑞达问露西亚做到这一点? 3 。所涉及的伦理问题? 4 。可以露西亚推迟收入和累积许多开支 可能的,仍然是道德的? 1.  Who are the stakeholders in this situation?  2.  Why do you believe Freda asked Lucia to do this?  3.  What are the ethical issues involved?  4.  Can Lucia defer revenues and accrue as many expenses as  possible and still be ethical?      DUE:  Week 7 (Friday, 26 April 2013,@ 5Pm,  COB )      WEIGHTING:  This assignment represents 15% of the total subject marks      SUBMISSION:  HARD COPY TO BE HANDED TO LECTURER  And must be received on the due date      RESEARCH  EVIDENCE:    A minimum of five (4) academic/scholarly sources (journal articles and conference papers) must be cited as evidence of the extent of reading and depth of analysis associated with developing your response to the essay questions. It is expected that some students may also reference other sources such as textbooks, magazine and newspaper articles etc, in addition to the minimum 4 journal articles and conference papers. 至少五( 4 )学术/学术资源(期刊论文和会议论文)必须引为阅读和与发展中国家的应对论述题相关的分析深度的程度的证据。预计一些学生也可以参考其他来源,如教科书,杂志和报纸文章等,除了最低4期刊论文和会议论文。     FORMAT:  Strict adherence to the following formatting instructions is required. Marks will be deducted for non-compliance.  1. All margins to be set at 2.5cm (Top, bottom, left and right)  2. Font: Times New Roman 12pt  3. Double line spacing  4. Every page is to include:      • Header showing student name and number      • Footer to include page number using the format ‘Page X of Y’  5. Cover sheet to be included with both hard and soft copy submissions.    REFERENCING:  Harvard Referencing System (as set out in the UOW Online Referencing  Guide, available at: