assignment:Rainmaker GuestRev与Ideas RMS酒店管理系统对

发布时间:2019-10-19 18:18
朗廷酒店集团目前正在使用Ideas System。 IDeaS成立于1989年,已经存在超过25年(Ideas,2017)。 IdeaS G3 RMS利用基于云的安排,并使用最佳SAS®分析工具,通过利用酒店和市场信息提高酒店收入。 G3 RMS建立最适应性强的方式来处理按房间类别和住宿时间进行评估和库存控制,从而最大限度地提高整体收入。 Langham Hospitality Group is currently using Ideas System. IDeaS establish in 1989 and have been around for more than 25 years (Ideas, 2017). IdeaS G3 RMS which utilize cloud-based arrangement and it uses best SAS® analytical tool to enhance revenue of the hotel by leveraging the hotel and market information. G3 RMS establish the most adaptable and intense way to deal with evaluating and inventory control by room class and length of stay, maximizing overall revenue.  对于更有效和高效的RMS,存在决策制定和推荐系统的组合,其被称为混合RMS系统。例子是G3是基于决策的,IdeaS RMS是基于推荐的系统。最终的决定取决于收益管理者的决定,根据酒店的需要选择适合他们的系统类型。 For a more effective and efficient RMS, there is a combination of both decision making and recommendation system which is known as hybrid RMS system. the examples are G3 is decision-making based and IdeaS RMS is recommendation based system.The final decision is depending on the decision of the revenue manager that choose the type of system that suits them perfectly based on the necessity of the hotel.  库存策略涉及超量预订,最短停留时间,高级存款,限制日期和cc保证。 Inventory strategy referring to overbooking, minimum length of stay, advanced deposit, blackout dates and cc guarantee. 根据库存策略,这可以增强revpar。根据Haley和Inge的说法,文献指出,通过确定最短停留时间,酒店的收入将增加3-6%。此外,这还可以提高酒店的性能,实现更高的入住率,特别是在需求低的时候。然而,IDeaS的混合系统可以帮助酒店经理克服在季节较低时增加入住率的挑战。 Based on the inventory strategy, this can enhance the revpar. According to Haley and Inge, the literature state that by determine minimum length of stay will increase the revenue of the hotel by 3-6 percent. Besides, this can also enhance performance of hotel is by accomplish higher occupancy rates, espcially when the demand is low. However, Hybrid system of IDeaS can assist hotel managers to overcome the challenge of increasing the occupancy when the season is low.   RMS is intangible as is only a software which assist managers to make decisions that can affect people in various way. It will not measure the long haul benefits such as not knowing that group Y will book with the hotel annually and group X will only book at the hotel for one time visit only (Elliot, 2017).  Hotel manager should take into consideration that these elements does not take into account and it is require for the manager to focus on the recommendations that a RMS deliver is right as essential.   The hybrid system is offering suggestions and decision to managers based on the RMS needs to be accurate as the inaccuracy of the data can leads to poor execution of the hotel. Information that is utilized from a PMS like customer profile can be erroneous. The inaccuracy of the data can happen and managers of the hotel need to discover these imperfections in the RMS system in order to take correct actions to deliver data with accuracy that will improve the performance of the hotel To compare with rainmaker guestRev,ideas rms has advantages in a preciseier cost management,easier training for new staff members,on-time supportting services,various integration options, and meanwhile keeps almost all the advantages rainmaker guestREV has, besides the backwards on platform and customization areas.                                                                           In aspect of choices of platform, Ideas rms can be only used with SaaS, while  rainmaker guestREV can be built on either SaaS or client hosting. On other field, to compare with rainmaker guestREV, ideas rms need take more efforts in customization which links to the level of convenience and efficiency that the system can provide to its users.